The set Opposites will help your child to distinguish between words with opposite meaning (big-small, high-low, thick-thin, narrow, wide, hot-cold, light-heavy, soft-hard, to develop a lexicon, logical thinking, imagination and a photographic memory. On the front side of each card there is the qualitative photo is placed, and the back side contains the name in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English. The various games and creative tasks, which make training process cheerful and fascinating are described in the instruction. Age: 3-8 years

In a set there are 36 cards

The size of the cards is 7 x 10 sm.


The set includes a pair of these cards: big-small, thick-thin, high-low, long-short, heavy-light, wide-narrow, fast-slow, soft-hard, shaggy-smooth, raw-cooked, hot-cold, sour-sweet, cheery-sad, clean-dirty, empty-full, wild-domestic, young-old, fluffy-spiny.