Interbaby Развивающие карточки Alphabet

The set Alphabet will help your child to learn English letters and simple words, learn to distinguish between vowels and consonants, to develop vocabulary, imagination and photographic memory. On the front side of each card there is a letter, picture and word with that letter. On the reverse side of cards, except for letters and words with transcriptions, there are 3 more English words beginning with the same letter (with a transcription and translation) for a variety of games and tasks described in the instructions.

Age: 3-8 years

In a set there are 26 cards with letters, 8 cards with songs and verses
and 2 cards-instructions with  tasks.

The size of cards is 7 x 10 cm.


Interbaby Развивающие карточки AlphabetInterbaby Развивающие карточки AlphabetInterbaby Развивающие карточки Alphabet