Абетка - развивающие карточки ИнтербебиThe set  Abetka will help your child in a playful way to explore letters, learn to distinguish between vowels and consonants, increase vocabulary, improve the expressiveness of the language, develop imagination and visual memory.On the front side of each card shows a letter, a picture and a word beginning with that letter. Vowel and consonant sounds in different colors. On the reverse side of cards, except for letters and words, there are poems speech therapy for a particular letter.Description in the instruction language games with the cards will acquaint the child with the concepts of gender, number, syllable, accent, end, and at the same time will learn to talk, compare, analyze and think logically.

Age: 3-8 years

In a set there are 33 cards with letters, 3 cards - instructions with 20 games

The size of the cards is 7 x 10 sm.


Interbaby развивающие карточки АбеткаInterbaby развивающие карточки АбеткаInterbaby развивающие карточки Абетка